Why You Should Consign Or Sell Your Van With Caravan King

Are you thinking about selling your caravan or camper? If yes, then you should seriously consider consigning it for sale or selling out right with Mandurah’s award winning, reputable and experienced dealership, Caravan King. Caravan King understand the time and effort involved in trying to sell your caravan or camper in today’s market. You only have to visit the Caravan King team in Barragup, Mandurah, to know they are passionate about simplifying the sales process for you and getting your caravan sold for a fair price in a reasonable time frame.

When selling your caravan or camper, the knowledgeable team at Caravan King will go to work collectively to get your caravan sold. Utilising targeted marketing campaigns and an experienced, helpful sales team, they offer a fabulous solution, both quick and reliable, to selling your caravan. And if you need money in the bank super-fast, they can even buy your caravan or camper on the spot too.

Raving customer and avid caravanners, Vanessa & David Salmon loved the ease of Caravan King’s consignment service so much that they sold both their first and second caravan through the much loved dealership. “Our first caravan was okay, except I hated the combo shower/toilet. I hated taking a shower in the same spot my husband tinkled” said a laughing Mrs Salmon. “And now, just last week, we sold our Traveller through Caravan King because we want to upgrade into a motorhome or bus. We have come back to Caravan King because the entire process was fantastic and no hassles at all. David has had a heart operation so for us, consigning with Caravan King is such a no stress option for selling. I knew both times that the van was in good hands and in the midst of this crazy pandemic we don’t have to worry about people coming to our house. I highly recommend you give the guys are go”.

More And More People Are Using Caravan King’s Consignment-Selling Service And Here’s Why:

Avoid Time Wasters

Consigning with Caravan King means you can forget about waiting for and dealing with those annoying phone calls and the people who say they’re going to show up to inspect, and then don’t. Caravan King open on weekends, after hours and every day of the working week so that you don’t have to give up your precious time waiting around for strangers who may never show or have any interest in buying in the first place. Don’t have strangers come through your home or risk the chance of your caravan being damaged by unqualified buyers.

Preparing Your Caravan For Sale

Once you have delivered your caravan or camper to Caravan King, you can sit back and get on with what’s really important to you. The extraordinary consignment team will happily take care of the internal and external clean so you don’t have to lift a finger. Not only that, they will undergo any minor maintenance items and dress your caravan to ensure it looks the part. Through their unique presentation strategy, they ensure your caravan is a stand out on the market.

Marketing And Exposure

Clever photography is just the beginning! Exceptional web exposure and creative marketing strategies ensure your caravan is out there for buyers to fall in love with. Caravan King have customers visiting their yard all day every day, from all over, looking for used caravans. Their extensive customer database means they may already have a buyer for your caravan.

Inspections And Paper Work

Caravan King won the Peel People’s Choice Award and RV Dealership Of The Year which proves their commitment to service with excellence. Their professional and non-pushy service team, will take care of potential buyers and all that nitty gritty paperwork as the sale goes through. They’ll attend the Transport Department for you, take care of the finance aspect and just focus on getting cash in your bank for your sold asset.

After Sale Service

All caravans at Caravan King are serviced, repaired if required and gone through with a fine tooth comb prior to leaving with their new owners. Potential buyers can rest easy knowing that when they buy a caravan from us, it is safe and ready for their travels. This means, Caravan King attracts more buyers who are confident and ready to do business with them.

And that’s not all…

Caravan King also specialises in caravan repairs, in particular accident insurance repairs and they stock a huge range of parts and accessories. They welcome you to visit their dealership today.

“Not only do we quality repairs, we offer a fabulous solution, both quick and reliable, to selling your caravan and we believe no one else out there works harder for you to get your caravan sold. Come give us a go, we will not let you down” says owner, Aleisha Kaeding.

Call the extraordinary team now on 08 9534 7572 for your free appraisal and to see how they can work with you to get your caravan sold for a fair price in a reasonable time frame. says owner, Aleisha Kaeding.

Seller, Mrs Vanessa Salmon and her granddaughter Nikitta with Caravan King’s Consignment Specialist, Gareth Dunn. “The Traveller caravan behind me is the second caravan I have listed for sale on Consignment with Caravan King. Their servicer is fantastic and I love the hassle-free way of selling through them” said Mrs Salmon.

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